Basement Remodeling

When it comes to basement remodeling, it’s imperative to have a carefully crafted design plan.

With our design plan in place, we can now begin the remodeling process. We have refinished many basements and bring a whole host of experiences from doing so and because of that, there are quite a few trends that we see as we approach each basement design. We take a detailed approach to guarantee your satisfaction with the basement renovation and to prevent mishaps from happening in the future.

1-Heating and insulation. The end goal of the basement is to create a livable space for all seasons. It will do us no good to only create a space that can be habitable only in the summer time and then leave a room that is way too cold in the winter. We can assure you that the design plan and remodeling will include provisions to accommodate for the hot summers and cold winters.

2-Ventilation. Basements can get stuffy if there isn’t sufficient airflow throughout. Ventilation shafts can almost guarantee a more comfortable environment in your basement. During the remodeling stage, we’ll want to make sure that fresh air is able to come in and circulate in order to remove the older stale air.

3-Proper Plumbing. It’s a great idea to consider adding a refreshed and updated bathroom while finishing a basement. As a matter of convenience, your family and friends will be able to use the bathroom while downstairs instead of repeated trips upstairs. We’ll be sure to initiate the proper steps to have proper plumbing in place during the remodeling stage.

4-Electrical Work. The remodeling plan will undoubtedly include adequate electrical plugs to accommodate to all electrical appliances; televisions, speakers, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. We have qualified electricians on staff to ensure the successful implementation of electricity throughout the basement.

5-Waterproofing. One of the most important steps before any work begins, the basement must have waterproofing systems to prevent moisture, leaking, and possibly flooding. For houses that experience heavy rains or are located next to bodies of water, we’ll take special consideration in selecting the proper materials for walls, windows, basement flooring, and ceilings.

When you’re searching for basement remodeling, we will bring the knowledge and expertise that comes from being local professional basement remodelers. We are well equipped for any job and can even provide you with tips for finishing a basement.


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