Basement Bathrooms

A natural addition to your plans as you are finishing a basement would be a new basement bathroom.

When approaching a project of this scale, think to yourself, do you know the difference between a finished basement and a remodeled basement?

A finished basement is one that changes an otherwise empty basement into a detailed usable living space. Oftentimes this includes the amenities and rooms that you find throughout the rest of the home.

A basement remodeling project is usually done on older homes, ones that have older low quality materials. These projects when attempted individually can take months and sometimes years to complete.

Hiring a professional who knows how to build a basement bathroom is one way to prevent mistakes and costly repairs in the future. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider as you are deciding how to design and finally construct your basement bathroom.

Will this be a half bath or a full bath? The choice will affect how much space will be necessary and how the room will be finished.

For example, the addition of a shower or bath tub will dramatically improve the basement bathroom’s functionality and usefulness; however, it will require more space.

Also keep in mind that many below ground spaces feel cold so if a basement bathroom is something you absolutely must have, remember to have sufficient heating and insulation for those cold winter months!

When it comes to the type of toilet for your basement bathroom, there are a few different types available.

For example, an above floor plumbing system is one method that is fairly easy to install and won’t require any digging into the floor. Sewage ejectors are another method to remove waste water from a bathroom.

We can provide you with an in-depth review of the different types that are available to you depending on your needs, budget, and expectations.

In order to make sure there is plenty of space in the bathroom, we’ll need to carefully select and measure your fixtures to the amount of available space.

Before deciding on any one fixture you’d like to have in your basement bathroom plan, it’s a good idea to review these unfinished basement ideas with us, your contractor.

This way, we can double check measurements to make sure everything will work during the construction and installation phases.

These ideas can include plumbing, flooring, basement paint, and generally anything that will help create your ideal bathroom concept.


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