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Basement Lighting

When it comes to lighting design, basement lighting can present a challenge to many remodelers.

Because of this, most novice remodelers will install the basic light bulbs throughout the basement and that’s it.

The problem with this is if you decide to use your basement on a regular basis, meaning, really anything other than storage, we can assure you that we’ll take the following steps to guarantee not only a well-lit basement, but one that will be attractive to you and your guests.

Storage Areas - Basements are one of the most popular storage areas for homeowners. Because of this, and because of the lack of light that is found in basements, people tend to lose things or may have to bring a flashlight anytime they go on an excursion to the basement.

Going to your own basement shouldn’t require the use of explorer’s gear! A simple fixture, such as a reflector or halogen bulb, can light up storage shelves. The end goal is to cast a light beam at the storage area and at an angle.

Recreation room lighting - If you plan on transforming your basement into a recreational room for friends, family, and kids to gather, you’ll want to make sure you light the area properly.

You may not have to plan for the same arrangement as other main rooms in the house, but multiple light sources would be appropriate.

If your family plays pool/billiards, lights above the playing area will make the the entire area is well lit. Wall lights will also make the room more inviting and comfortable to visit.

If you plan on having lots of activities in the basement that might involve physical activity, we recommend staying away from fluorescent lights. These types of bulbs present a health risk when broken.

Recessed can lights are another popular option for basements because they provide a significant amount of light to any room and they don’t require any additional ceiling space.

Our customers seem to love the fact that they don’t have to worry about breaking or bumping a light fixture on the ceiling since these lights are recessed.

Another popular fixture for lights is track lighting. Most light fixtures will only have one light position whereas track lights have a track device which allows the lights to have multiple positions.

The end result is a light fixture that can light many areas that might be problematic for the traditional light bulb or lamp fixture. Track lights share the same effectiveness as spot lights, however, they are much more aesthetically pleasing and more appropriate in a home setting.

When you’re considering tips to finishing a basement, don’t hesitate to contact us for a professional consultation.

Our design team loves lights! We can work with you to choose the best lighting options that will illuminate your basement for years to come.


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