Basement Bars

Basements bars are a very exciting concept when it comes to refinishing a basement. If you’re the entertainer type, you may want to consider building a basement bar. Throwing parties using your full service bar with the convenience of being at home is not only practical, but a lot of fun. This type of addition certainly creates additional useful space and increased value to your home. Not to mention, you’re going to very popular! Here is a list of a few things to consider with your basement bar:

Music. Bars are meant for entertainment, meaning great drinks, friends, and good music. Surround sound is a great option for a basement to make sure the music is balanced, not too loud, but just enough to provide a great background setting. To avoid installing speakers directly in the wall, we can work with you to carefully arrange speakers throughout the room and hide the wires in the walls. Our electricians are certified and skilled to help you create the ideal surround system that won’t distract your guests from the real party.

Televisions. What can possibly be better than getting together with friends and family to watch the championship game all while enjoying cold drinks and great food? There are many options for televisions and our remodeling team can work with you to pick the best size and type for the room. Projectors are also a great option depending on the size of the room and your budget. Taking this approach will allow your basement bar to double as a theater too.

Seating and Flooring. We’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable and will not be forced to stand the whole time. A hardwood floor is a great choice for the bar area, it allows for easy clean up and even dancing. We have access to hundreds of resources to help you find the right type of bar stools and other furniture items to make sure they match with the bar’s theme and design. We’ll want to make sure we keep the space open and friendly and not too cluttered or busy. We’ll work with you to determine where basement carpeting is appropriate and where it is not.

The Bar. The focal point of this type of room is the actual bar so we’ll want to make sure we work together to get this right the first time. Each bar will need to have appliances such as a refrigerator to keep all of the beverages and snacks cold. We’ll also want to include an ice machine installed behind the bar coupled with a small sink for easy clean up. Wine coolers, mini refrigerators, and dishwashers are also popular appliances for this type of setting, we can help you determine what might be the best for your space. In order to make your basement bar really pop, we can put together custom cabinetry and even a granite counter tops.


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