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You Deserve A Remodeled Basement

We Have Screened & Trusted Contractors Ready To Work With You

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Screened Contractors

We only work with contractors in the city who have years of experience finishing basements and have gone through a screening process.


Basement finishing is all we focus on. So we have perfected our process. This helps to keep your search in finding a basement finishing contractor extremely fast and easy.

Financing Available

Money is typically a major road block to completing basement. Our contractors have a wide variety of options for all types of financial situation. No project is too small or too big. 

Basements are often overlooked and are mainly reserved for storage. Don’t make your basement an afterthought when it can be transformed into something that beautifies and adds significant value to your home!

Basement finishing is a relatively simple task for us at Prestige Basement Finishing because we do it daily. Let us help you finish that basement quickly so that you can enjoy it even sooner!

Even though we can work quickly and efficiently, we’ll want to make sure that we work closely with you ensure that the finished product turns out the exact way you want it, after all, you’ll be the one living there!

So we will plan on working together to pick out the proper things such as basement paint, basement carpeting, and lighting choices for example. We’ll want to maintain our focus and have a clear road map on where the remodel is going.

Design with purpose. We have many basement floor ideas to help you in this process and to zero in on what will work the very best for you and your family. Basements oftentimes get turned into home theaters, wine cellars, and even exercise rooms.

Think of what you want out of your basement and what will bring you the most enjoyment and utility for the future before we begin designing it.  We’re human so we change our minds and often.

The goal will be to make the final decisions before the work begins to keep the costs down lower. Consider the overall design of the home. When considering remodeling your basement, you will want this to match or complement the design of your home.

We have the advantage of using well experienced interior designers who help us get this step right every time. The finished basement should be a natural extension of the home and not a step into a time machine.

Don’t forget the natural light. In many basement systems, the absence of light is quite common, especially natural light from outside. We make it a goal to maximize as much natural light as we can to minimize the use of electricity during the day.

In many cases homeowners we work with have a hard time figuring out a purpose for the basement other than it being use as a large storage area. Our team will work with you to allow for storage and for a refreshed purpose like a theater or additional living space.

Other Basement Finishing & Remodeling Locations:

 Downingtown, PA | Duluth, MN | Plymouth, MN | Princeton, NJ | Westchester, NY