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Basement Remodeling Evansville In

If you're reading this, it means you're interested in getting your basement remodeled.

We have screened local contractors to help you do just that.

We have helped many homeowners with basement finishing. Most phone calls we get, we are asked about how to finish a basement or the cost to finish a basement.

The best way to figure out the answers to your questions is to schedule a consultation with our design team. If you’re looking for tips to finish a basement, our tenured design team will work with you in putting together a basement design plan that will capture the looks, design, features, and budget of the desired basement remodeling.

A solid design plan cannot be overlooked and is an area we specialize in.

Evansville Basement Finishing Services.

Looking for additional ideas on what you can do with your basement?

As professional contractors and basement remodelers in Evansville, we have a wide variety of services that we can offer you the homeowner.


Let’s face it, movie tickets are like gas prices, they just keep going up.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything the movie theater offers in the comfort of your own home?

We’ve made this possibility a reality for many homeowners in Evansville and surrounding areas.

Our designers and technicians will work with you individually to pick out a great design for the room, the seating, TV or projector screen, and the placement of surround sound speakers.

Our technicians are up to date on the latest standards of audio visual equipment and where it can be found and for how much. With any good theater, we’ll want to make sure it sounds just like being at the big screen.

This will involve proper insulation and placement of surround sound speakers. Our electricians can hide wires to make the room more visually pleasing to you and your guests.


Another fantastic idea and addition to a basement is that of a basement bar.

If you’re looking for a way to bring the crowds and parties to your home, this is surely it!

Much like the theater rooms, our design team can work with you on concepts that we have used with other successful projects or we can work together in collaboration with you to create something truly custom!

With any great bar, we’ll want to make sure it includes the proper refrigeration, beverages, televisions for the big games, and speakers for dancing or karaoke.

Our basement flooring specialists can work with you to select the best choice for basement bar flooring.

In addition to the flooring, our designers will help you to select and find the right furniture for the bar.


In many cases the basement flooring will depend on what the outcome you want out of your basement.

In almost all cases, we have a much better solution than the flat cold concrete that’s in your basement right now!

In our experience we’ll work with you to eliminate any water leaks or moisture areas to prevent problematic areas in the future. Your hard work and money can very well be destroyed if the proper care is not taken to make sure your basement is dry.

Our design team can help you choose the right basement carpeting, tile, or basement paint for your room.

Because basements tend to be colder than other parts of the home, we’ll address any lack of insulation and proper ventilation.

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Basement Remodeling Evansville In
Basement Remodeling Evansville In
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Evansville Indiana Basement Remodeling Ideas


With any specific design, the importance of basement lighting can’t go unmentioned. Most people, to no fault of their own, typically think that a couple of light bulbs will do the trick for the whole basement.

Imagine if your intended use for the basement is for additional storage space. Now every time you go to the basement to find something that’s in storage, you have to bring a flashlight and a head lamp to dig around.

See what we mean? This is the reality that some people face when it comes to basement storage.

The problem is worse if you plan on using your basement for entertainment purposes. This is why we recommend hiring the design team at one of our vetted basement remodeling contractors to help you figure out which lighting options will work best for the intended use of your basement.

Not only can we help you with light selection, but we can also assist in pricing, and sourcing the proper light fixtures your basement will need.


Basement Bathrooms are a convenient and welcome addition to any good basement renovation project.

Whether you plan on adding bedrooms to the basement, a theater room, or a basement bar, the basement bathroom will add comfort and value to your home.

Depending on how much space you have available, our designers will help you determine the appropriate size of a half bath or a full bath. The basement bathroom should be comfortable and roomy for any of your guest, no matter how big or tall.

To do that, we take a detailed approach to the selection of bathroom fixtures and amenities so that the construction phase of the basement remodeling will go smoothly and without any serious setbacks.

Because basements tend to be colder than other parts of the home, proper ventilation and heating will go a long ways to create a comfortable environment for you and your guests.


If your basement’s intended purpose is to entertain, let’s help you build it for comfort and convenience!

Imagine carrying food up and down the stairs for the party. Inevitably someone is going to spill something on the stairs! It happens and it doesn’t need to.

Now imagine carrying food to your guests at the basement bar from the kitchen in the next room over. Much better right? When basement kitchens are done right, they can add a tremendous amount of beauty and functionality to the basement.

Not only is it great for hosting and entertaining, but it’s multi-functional for the future. If you ever decide to convert your basement into additional living space or a private home office, your new space is now equipped with a classy basement kitchenette and likely a basement bathroom.

With all of the kitchen design options, you could literally spend hundreds of hours just pouring through magazines and websites to find your ideal kitchen. We recommend having some ideas of your likes and dislikes so that our design staff can assist you in quickly identifying the perfect basement kitchen.

As you can tell, the possibilities for your basement are many. Instead of delaying the wonderful possibilities that your basement holds, we recommend you contact a professional.

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