Basement Kitchens

As you are looking at designing a basement and all of the things you can create, a basement kitchen remodeling project might be the thing for you.

Do you feel like you are limited on space as your family continues to grow? Looking for a way to entertain guests and create an entertaining atmosphere for your family?

The great thing about the basement is it can be turned into anything you would like it to be; an office, a play room, and even a well designed bar.

Should you decide to move forward with the entertainment area, kitchens are almost a necessity. There is no need to worry though, a basement kitchen addition is a very easy project for our local contractors and the cost is actually very affordable.

As basement remodelers, we specialize in basement finishing and making these types of wonderful additions to a home.

Imagine after the basement kitchen is completed, the remaining space of the basement could be a recreation room, a great place for your teenagers and friends to hang out. From there, we can work with you to add a new bathroom or renovate your existing one.

Now if you decide to forgo the entertainment space, a basement would make a great home office. Basements tend to be a quiet place in the home which makes it a natural choice for privacy.

During the basement design process, once of the things that we make sure to include is sufficient basement lighting. Basements tend to be thought of as dark areas of the home and only good for storage.

With the addition of light fixtures throughout the basement, it will transform the area and allow for more usability of the space and rooms. A popular idea for basement lighting is controllable dimmer switches, we’ll work with you on all of the details to put all of your wants into action.

Another common request we get is to make the basement more comfortable, meaning temperature. We will make sure that the basement has proper insulation during the basement construction stage.

This is something that is definitely behind the scenes, but is absolutely crucial to maintain comfortable temperatures in the basement. In addition to proper insulation, we also recommend proper heating and air vents for each room.

This makes sure that the air can better circulate throughout the basement, remove stale air, and also decrease the humidity.

Local Rules & Regulations for Basement Kitchens
Depending on your local municipal rules, this may determine whether or not you are allowed to build a full kitchen in your basement. If you have any questions about your area in particular, give us a call for a free consultation.


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