Basement Construction

It’s a big decision whether or not to have the basement constructed in your home. There are quite a few things to consider when it comes to basement construction in general and we can assure you, we know exactly what to do. Of course we’ll need a well established plan for the basement which will include blueprints, measurements, and drawings. At this point our crews can take action to remove old components, add in additional plumbing, relocate the duct work and basement piping if necessary, and even upgrade and add to electrical systems.

As for the cost of finishing basement, we will work with you to determine the goals of the renovation and what can be done with your given budget. If additional work comes up during the remodeling stage, you can expect us to work with you each step of the way to guarantee the success of the renovation. We can assist you to manage each step of the remodeling stage from the unfinished basement ideas, designing a basement, and then the actual basement construction and remodeling.

In order to make the basement everything you want it to be, we’ll need to thoroughly understand what you really want the basement to be and what you don’t want. We appreciate honesty and straight talk! A happy customer is what we strive for on each job site so please don’t be shy. We understand that this will likely be a considerable investment on your part and we want to work hard to make this a win-win for all parties involved.

As we go through the construction process, we’ll double check that all areas have been adequately waterproofed and that we’ve been able to remove any obstacles. This way, we can guarantee the safety of you and our crews throughout the construction stage. To plan ahead for the future, out crews will make sure the proper cooling and heating measures have been taken. Basements, especially walkout basements are susceptible to fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. In order to maintain a comfortable temperature and living condition, having the proper HVAC set up and air ducts will go a long ways to properly control airflow.

Our construction crews are highly trained for this stage of the remodeling process and will work safely and strictly adhere to the highest of our industry’s standards. We understand that we are guests in your home and as such, we’ll respect the rules of the home and we know you’ll be happy with the outcome of the construction!


Our Contractors Provide An In-Home Written Estimate. No Games, We Are Completely Transparent About Costs.