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Ogden Basement Waterproofing Contractors

4 Step Ogden Wet Basement Repair Process

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Why Choose Our Ogden Basement Waterproofing Contractors?

Screened Contractors

We only screen and work the best contractors in Ogden who have years of experience and have proven wet basement repair processes.


Waterproofing services is what our basement waterproofing specialists focus on all day long. So our wet basement repair companies have perfected the process. This helps to keep costs down and work fast.

Financing Available

Our screened basement waterproofing companies want to make the process as simple for you as possible. So financing options are available. Just ask our specialists about financing during your inspection and free quote process.

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Having water on your basement floor following a big storm or even in the spring when snow is melting is a huge problem in the Ogden area. This is mostly due to the high numbers of clay within the soil allowing water to secure it with less effort than other types of soil.

Through utilizing properly engineered and installed waterproofing systems, we can control water entering your basement which will help prevent it from causing lasting damage. Water will typically be entering the basement through wall cracks or at the seam the place that the walls and floor meet.

Our contractors bring over 20 years of experience in basement waterproofing in Ogden. Without proper repair, a leaking or wet basement can turn into a genuine hazard. Wet basements might cause mold which enables it to damage the integrity of the structure’s basement foundation.

This type of structural damage typically leads to cracking basement walls, cracked concrete floors, heaving basement floors, and even require foundation repair services. Ultimately, these kinds of problems can produce a substantial reduction in the value of your home.

One of the systems we use to repair a wet or leaking basement is often a closed basement waterproofing system. This system is really a very effective way of draining water from basement walls and lowering the water table below the basement floor.

This technique of basement waterproofing eliminates the necessity for costly dehumidifiers. Because the basement waterproofing product we use is a sealed system, it adds to the quality of the indoor air and is also appropriate for basement radon systems.

Why Waterproof a Basement?

There are many reasons why you would waterproof a basement. The main reasons are controlling and removing the water doesn’t only allow you to safely use your basement for storage or even an additional room, it will prevent excess humidity which may cause the increase of mold spores which may cause serious medical problems in your families case.

There is certainly not tolerant of the term “wet basement” and that we certainly comprehend it. When you’ve got water within your basement briefly after a storm or if the snow is melting, it implies there can be a problem.

We’ve got plenty of exposure to diagnosing basement water problems and creating unique ways for everyone.

Our basement waterproofing experts can perform a whole inspection of your respective basement to find out where the water is arriving and design a strategy to control the water entering and prevent harm to your property.

Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

sump pump installation and replacementIn addition to complete waterproofing systems, we can also install new or replacement sump pumps for your existing system. A sump pump is the real workhorse of a waterproofing system as it is the point at which the water is removed from your home. These pumps will generally have to work for many hours continuously depending on the severity of the rain. This is why it is important to choose an industrial strength pump that is capable of working when you need it and will not break down during periods of heavy use.

To help guarantee your sump pump will be working when you need it to, we use the highest quality sump pumps. These pumps are designed to run continuously all day, every day and are thoroughly tested to guarantee they will perform when they need to. They are also very energy efficient so while they’re keeping your basement dry, they’re also working to save you money.

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